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Re: Wulff Arizona restoration

Postby badpenny » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:30 pm

OK …
Going through the photos …..
Yes your coin tube has been interfered with, because it's been sleeved to allow 1np to fit, I wonder what they've done to the coin slides to accommodate the same? Also the tube should be one piece brass, it looks as if someone has taped a plastic bit of hose on top.
There is clearly an issue with the middle coin slide as it seems to be tripped(!?) which it can't be, so why isn't it flush up with the others?
The nails should be tiny steel pins, they keep the lid of the slide stack in line with the base. Also they are the bars that the slide springs are attached to, each slide needs two springs (one each side) to ensure the slide moves perpendicularly and doesn't get pulled at an angle and jam. I can't think of anywhere to get spares, but turning the nails up the other way might be more secure.

Yes it still has the addition on the mech for the FREIES SPIEL, however I expect the symbol has been removed from the last reel and the trip removed, so that part of the game isn't functioning anyway.
The Starter lever that should make contact with the button can't be seen, so possibly it has been removed, they often didn't bother removing it, they just detached it.
It looks very clean, and there's no visible signs of delamination in the castings, which Mazak suffers from.
I'm glad to see it's not smothered in grease, but it does look dry and would benefit from oil … as I said in my earlier post.

BP :cool:

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Re: Wulff Arizona restoration

Postby treefrog » Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:19 pm

I have a couple of these, one in nice condition and one I left in the garden as you do.....mainly because it was riddled with woodworm, warped etc etc, so scrapped it. Need to remove the hardware for spares before it becomes a seized mass. I think this was the mechanism that came from it (an issue as there were half a dozen laying around) and has the part BP was talking about that would have displayed in the original glass window on the left hand side

I was a bit confused on the coin front as BP says it has new pennies inside, so assume it was converted from old penny to new penny at some point. Would be worthwhile taking the slide assembly apart to see what has been done, an area often a cause of problems on these machines. Also note the reel respin button assembly is missing on the mechanism, often happens....

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