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British Slot Machine Websites (1 of 4)


Information-packed area dedicated to Bryans Machine Works products. Plenty of pictures and technical details.
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Click to visit Excellent, well designed UK resource. If you don't want to see the game die, Pinball News should be your first port of call.
Melvyn's other slot machine place featuring an assortment of games.
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British slot machine dealer buys and sells.
British Amusement Caterers Trade Association.
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Promoting the annual jukebox, slot machine and pinball show, with pictures of jukeboxes.
A page of British wall machines.
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Vintage slot machines for hire.
British collector's fine display of vintage slots
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Reproduction slot machines for sale, mostly based on the allwin.
Stories and articles about vintage slot machines from John Hanson, past author of Vintage Penny Arcadia Magazine.
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Another British slot machine enthusiast shares his interest.
Directory of vintage slot machine websites: British, European, American and others.
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No slots, but a good place to learn about the history of pre-decimal British coinage and check whether your old Penny is worth more than your old machine.
Devoted to the British made BAL-AMi jukeboxes of the 1950s and '60s.
JJ's BAL-AMi Jukebox Page
New website with a focus on American and Australian one arm bandits by Mills, Jennings, Aristocrat and Jubilee which were an important part of the British slot machine scene.
Yahoo Group for "collectors and admirers of pre-1980 penny arcade machines, especially electro-mechanical types, once found in amusement arcades and cafes around the UK."
Jims Slot Machines
Jim's Slot Machines is coin-op enthusiast Jim Hacking's website.
Antique Amusements features a British slot machine collection, gallery, links and resources.
Antique Amusements
Antique Amusements
This one's also called Antique Amusements and was created in 2006 tp showcase a collection of antique coin-op games, pinball, video games and jukeboxes.
My Dad's Toys includes a collection of British arcade games.
My Dad's Toys
Pinball Parlour Peter and Geoff''s Pinball Parlour repairs, sells and rents vintage pinball machines and table football. They also hire out vintage slot machines for parties and are opening a pinball museum.
Not British, but of interest to UK bandit enthusiasts - a great collection of original Aristocrat, Bally, Jennings, Merit and Sega bandits flyers.
Some old slots gallery
PSD's Brenco PDS's Brenco Amusements ambitious mission is to chronicle all the machines made by this Weston-Super-Mare based company between 1964 to 1981.
Created in 2008, Penny Arcade is dedicated to old penny amusement machines and end of the pier arcades.
Penny Arcade Bells Cherries and Lemons for one arm bandit sales, history, gallery and repair tips plus a "The Care and Understanding of Slot machines" DVD.
Slot Machine Depot is similar (and connected to) the above site. It offers mechanical slot machine sales, a repair service and spares.
Slot machine and pinball sales, repairs and spares plus some replacement pinball glasses and translites.
Hampshire based craftsman with experience in making and restoring vintage British amusement machine cabinets. SPECIALIST ANTIQUE REPAIR & RESTORATION
UK amusement machine industry insiders trade and discuss current and past issues relating to the business at There's a market, blog and news page with much of interest to collectors of vintage coin-op.
Barkers Vintage Amusements sell and restores vintage aumsement machines. Join an active British pinball community at The site also hosts many pinball, one arm bandit and other coin-operated game manuals at
Mals Machine Tokens researches and displays slot machine tokens, including many from early British automatic machine manufacturers.
Mals Machine Tokens
Information about the amusement machines and history of Percivals Palace of Treasure Traveling Arcade with forum and other links.
Website of the Fairground Heritage Trust and Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre at Lifton, Devon which showcases the National Fairground Collection with its exhibits, vintage engineering and stunning artwork of a bygone age. Dingles Fairground Heritage Center

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