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European Slot Machine Websites (2 of 4)


Google offers flaky translations of many of the following. Until they improve, we'll link to the original language versions:

Active German site with forum, collector contacts, events, museum, etc.
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Busy French pinball and jukebox area (a few slots, too) with forums, adverts, info and links.
Useful site focusing on 50s German electro-mechanicals, with gallery, contacts, forum, classifieds, spares, restoration guide and service.
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German 1950s gambling machines.
Images of German machines from the '50s, '30s and earlier, on this Czech site.
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Five page pictorial history of European slot machines from this Czech site promoting Trh Zábavy arcade magazine.
More German 1950s gambling machines.
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Some early pintables.
German site devoted to gumball machines.
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A page about the German Bajazzo wall machine.
Dutch Jukebox Gallery jukebox and slot machine shop.
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Dutch personal collection of bandits, wall machines and more.
French-flavoured collector's blog features jukeboxes, pinballs and a few slots including the beautiful Loreley shooter.
Pictorial diary of a French bandit collector.
Plenty of technical information on '50s (and earlier) German wall machines, plus a good supply of spares parts for them. One version of the site is linked opposite. There's another at
Click to visit Stig Hollegaard's stylish Danish site includes some unusual bandits and wall machines from Europe and America and other interesting pictures.
Accurate simulations from Finland of several nostalgic retro amusement machines to download or play online.
Click to visit
Small German site featuring wall machines and associated tokens from the '20s to the '80s.
Luxembourg-based Antik-Automaten is a forum for antique German slot machines.
Swedish pinball, arcade and slot machine site with extensive collection of rare flyers.
Café Bally contains Johnny Christensen's museum of jukeboxes, pinballs and slot machines in the South of Sweden.
Café Bally
Click to visit Belgian site in English (also Dutch & French) which includes a webstore selling machines and parts and a diary of shows and events.
www.goldserie includes many technical resources, a forum and extensive gallery/compendium of German gaming machines, ancient and modern.
Click to visit
Collector's site with information and pictures about wall-mounted French roulettes.
Peter and Ina's impressive Dutch collection of 30s - 60s arcade machines at Peter en Ina Speelautomaten. Click to visit
Click to visit Vecchi Flipper Forum (Old Pinball Forum) at is an active Italian forum discussing predominantly pinball, but also vintage slot machines and jukeboxes. (Link to translated pages). is an extensive French resource with forums for pinball, jukebox, slot machine and arcade game collectors. Click to visit

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