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American Slot Machine Websites (3 of 4)


There are many, mostly advertising reproduction one arm bandits. Here are a few good ones:

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The Americans invented the coin-op crane. Admire and buy them at James Roller's ever-growing Vintage Amusements site.
Probably the biggest and most active coin-op site in the US.
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The virtual tour of Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum includes coin-operated automata and fortune tellers.
Workmanlike site for buying, selling and information about American slots.
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Promoting the Gameroom Magazine for coin-op enthusiasts.
Large and expanding database of coin-operated machines
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The Coin Operated Collectors' Association, publish C.O.C.A. Times. Their website is also well worth a visit.


Gameline Connection serves the US-based online collectors' community with collector registry, forum, events and other information.
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Casually laid out, but information and resource rich site.
The Chicagoland Show is the biggest antique advertising, slot machine and jukebox trading show on the planet. Bi-annual.
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Click to visit Pinnovations is a genuine American pinball enthusiast's site with a wealth of information and pictures about early pintables which you won't find elsewhere.
Pinball Rebel is not just a terrific pinball site (with an amazing database of pinballs you can play all over the US), it also covers jukeboxes, arcade machines and related classic American coin-op culture.
Lots of information about the slot machines which form the heart of Lynne and Michael Sands collection of remarkable machines. The museum is at:
1652 Kennewick Drive
Sunnyvale, California 94087
gameroomShow is a virtual catalogue featuring a wide range of coin-ops, and memorabilia from show exhibitors across the US.
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Arcade Digger Restorations

Ace Bomber Restoration

Midway Slugger

Jeff Stotlar's vintage arcade restoration blogs. Pick up some tips while admiring some of Jeff's superb vintage machines.
Friendly American antique slot machine and coin operated devices forum.
Like it says on the label - a website devoted to those early, wooden railed, pre-flipper games.
Primarily a buy/trade/sell site, but with many pictures of desirable machines.
Another trading site with slide-show images of a good variety of games.
SYSTEM 16 THE ARCADE MUSEUM has a strong section on the history of Sega arcade games from the 1960s-1970s, including many flyers.
Google searchable database of Billboard "the World's Foremost Amusement Weekly" from Jan '42 to 2007.
Vintage pachinko forum, Pachitalk includes a board on Slot Machines & English Fruit Machines & Rotamints.
Small collection of innovative, unusual and historic electro-mechanical gaming machines.
The Sugar Shack is devoted to antique coin-operated arcade machines, slot machines, and jukeboxes. Machines for sale, post free wanted adverts and get help with spares and repairs. Bally "E" series spares available plus some e/m series parts and manuals.
The Sugar Shack
Pinball Nirvana
Pinball Nirvana offers pinball that you can play for free on your pc, from before pinball was called pinball, to the classics from the 60s,70s,80s,90s and newer.
Arcade Treasures contains some remarkable images of restored and reproduced early arcade games including Kirk Air Defence, Ruffler & Walker Two Player Driving Game, Hawtins Clutching Hand and the Mills Submarine Lung Tester.
Arcade Treasures The Pinball, Antique Slot Machine & Console Page at hosts a large collection of free bandit and pinball guides, invaluable for restoration work.
Buckwerx Rock-Ola Pinball are a specialist supplier of information, spare parts, graphics and repair tips for this manufacturer's games. includes a history of the jukebox manufacturers plus pages on jukebox mechanics and aesthetics.
This Japanese resource includes many early Sega one arm bandit flyers. Sega Retro Games

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