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Old-Time Music (4 of 4)


Our sincere thanks to the generous musicians who so kindly gave us permission to play their wonderfully evocative music rolls in our Arcade Steam Organ. These tracks are recorded in the highly efficient MIDI format - the modern equivalent of the old mechanical music punched card system. Essentially it provides the instructions to an instrument for playing the music. The instrument is your computer's sound card, and the quality of this can make the difference between ear-ache and an uplifting experience.



THAT OLD GANG O' MINE by Rose, Dixon et al (1923), recording engineer Howard Vigorita, played by Sue Keller, Copyright 1992, Ragtime Press.

Ragtime Press was founded by Sue Keller. Here you'll find a wealth of information plus some great ragtime piano playing, including nearly 100 midi files performed by Sue Keller. Check out the site index where the rags are listed alphabetically by title and composer.

Ragtime Press



HOBSON STREET BLUES by Bob Zurke, sequenced by John Edward Roache, Copyright 1995.

John Roache's Ragtime MIDI Library contains classical and contemporary ragtime and 1920-40 swing and stride piano by the late John Roache who was a pharmacist and musician in Torrance, CA.

John Roache Ragtime MIDI



CAROLINA SHOUT by James P Johnson (1918/21), played by "Perfessor" Bill Edwards.

FROM SOUP TO NUTS by Felix Arndt (1914), played by "Perfessor" Bill Edwards.

"Perfessor" Bill's website includes a large catalogue of midi sequences: general and rare piano rags, classic ragtime, ragtime songs, ragtime and pre-ragtime marches, blues, stomps, novelty piano, contemporary ragtime, and his own compositions. There's a wealth of other information - history, composer biographies, original sheet music covers, playing tips, how to make your own MIDI sequences etc.

"Perfessor" Bill Edwards



HANDFUL OF KEYS by Fats Waller, transcribed by John Farrell, sequenced: by Richard T Brandle, Copyright 1996/98.

KING CHANTICLEER by Ayer/Brown, arranged by John Farrell, sequenced by Richard T Brandle, Copyright 1996/8.

More of Richard Brandle's work can be found at Spencer's E-Rolls website. Here you'll also find software, equipment and services for player pianos etc., such as Richard Brandle's WindPlay mechanical music roll to MIDI conversion system and the Midi Valve System.



THE BEER BARREL POLKA band organ arrangement by Bill Kibler.

Sequencing Band-Organ music is one of "Pin Wiz" William Kibler's many skills, which include the full gamut of engineering skills required to restore classic and antique pinball machines, bowlers, and other electromechanical machines. Find out more at his Battle of the Band-Organs website - well worth a visit.

Bill "Pin Wiz" Kiblers


Other rolls on the Arcade Steam Organ are anonymous and to the best of our knowledge in the public domain. If you are (or you know) the author of any of these, we would like to publish full credits and links (or remove files if requested).

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