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A screw loose, lost your marbles or just slightly unhinged? If it's broken it can be repaired; if it's missing it can be replaced.
Suppliers of old slot machine spares and services are scarcer and more useful than rocking horse poo. Please help them and us by sharing your contacts. Also let us know if any are no longer available, so we can keep the information relevant. Put details in the
Postbox or email the Archive.
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Penny Machines Services and Supplies

Backflashes Stripy backflashes for Bryan's allwins: Melvyn Wright
Castings Non-ferrous metal castings (brass, aluminium, mazak etc.): Midland Metal Alloys make pewter model cars. Proprietor collects old slots and may offer engineering services.
Old Pennies, Sixpences etc.: Eden Coins, P.O. Box 77, Brierly Hill, DY5 2GS. Tel. 01384 834648
Collectable pre-decimal British coins:
Electroplating Chromium and nickel plating: London Chroming Co. Ltd.
  New York based supplier of DIY electroplating and powder coating equipment, materials and tutorials: Caswell.
Electrical Enamelled copper magnet wire for rewinding coils, transformers etc, all sizes & small amounts: Brocott *6
Enamel Signs Custom made enamel signs: Dansk Emalje Design
Metal Signs Custom made, chemically etched metal signs, labels and instruction plates: Vintage Brass Plates
Phone: Chris Astell 07594 969146
Lamps Hard to find, old-style tungsten bulbs, etc.
  Stock extensive range of light bulbs at reasonable prices: *7
Locks Replacement locks: Locksonoline *1

UK supplier of black and red wrinkle paint and other finishing materials: Frost *5


Artwork, graphics etc. for British machines: PennyMachines Spares


Reproduction Fortune Teller Cards


Artwork, graphics etc. for American machines Krahl Klassic Antiques.


Pinball and American slot machine paperwork resources: Ray's Antique Slot Machines.

Restoration bandit spares, restoration, remanufacture by long established UK business
Fasteners Large online catalogue of screws, fasteners, etc.: Screwsline *1
  Stainless steel fasteners in BSW, BA, BSF forms, washers, split pins etc.: D Middleton, Unit 5, Lady Ann Mills, Lady Ann Road, Batley, West Yorks. Tel. 01924 470807 *2
  Stainless steel fasteners in BSW, BA, BSF forms, washers, split pins etc.: Stig Fasteners *2
  Brass and some stainless steel fasteners mainly in BA form, washers, split pins, roll pins, taper pins etc.: "Items" Mail Order Ltd., 46 St Martins Road, North Leverton, Retford, Nottingham, DN22 0AU. Tel 01427 884319 *2
UK Spares Reproduction parts for British allwins, etc.: Nostalgic Machines Ltd.
Euro Spares Reproduction German wall machines and spares, etc.:
US Spares Reproduction parts for American bandits, etc.:
  Reproduction reel strips and award cards: Rick Frink, 2977 Eager, Howell, MI 48843 USA. (Send postage payment for brochure).
  Springs, parts, reel strips, award cards. 48 pg catalog. 3 x 1st class stamps: Bernie Berten, 9420 Trumbull, Evergreen Park, IL 60805. Tel. 001 708-499-0688.
  Reproduction parts: Metal Form Products Co. 11128 Christy Ave., Lakeview Terrace 91342. CELL PHONE: Jack on 818 764-2680 Califorina, U.S.A. Time (best to call in morning).
  Coin-operated amusement and gambling machine spares: VintageVille's Penny Arcade *4
  Hardware, fasteners, locks, coin acceptors, decals and other miscellaneous spares: Crow River Trading Co. *8
Leerock Foundry "Affordable Custom Antique, Hardware, Lighting, Slot Machine, Architectural, Car & Automotive Parts Duplication, Reproduction, & Production."
Veneers Veneer-faced ply and other wood veneers: Silverman *1
Wood Finishes  
Miscellaneous Custom made sound effects and sound tracks for new or existing machines and theme park attractions: Email

Thanks to:
*1 Martin Rimington
*2 John Howe
*3 Stoxman22
*4 Bryans fan
*5 Andy G
*6 slotalot
*7 malcymal
*8 tree-frog