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Other places to find old slot machines:
On this page we've assembled links and search boxes to all the places we regularly visit in the quest for our prey - both on the internet and in the real world. You can run searches on thousands of lots in dozens of auctions from here.

If you have any information about other auctions or sales that should be here, we would be grateful if you would share it with us by emailing the Auction or Postbox.


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Online Auctions


eBay took the online auction business by storm, and are the front runners by a wide margin. According to some customers, they're now going the way of all faceless monoliths (witness increasing dissatisfaction with eBay responses to queries and disputes in their forums). See also eBay spyware.

Although they expressly forbid the sale of most slot machines, ancient or modern, on their UK site, they do little active monitoring of content (relying upon others to police their sales), so many modern and a few antique coin operated machines still turn up. Try a keyword search from here.

Also checkout eBay France, eBay Germany and eBay USA where the rules are different.




Search all Bidfind listed auctions

Bidfind tracks independent and specialist online auctions, classified advert and shopping mall sites. Enter your keywords and search them all from here. All items in the PennyMachines Auction and Market are listed by Bidfind.




Lot Watch is a useful UK auction portal with lots of information and tools relevant to bidders and sellers in Great Britain, including a list of online UK auctions. Enter keywords in the box and you can conveniently run your search in all the main UK online auctions, and several lesser known ones. Be specific - this is a deep search.



BidVille US-based auction often includes vintage slot machines.



Search ePier

ePier US-based aution site sometimes turns up coin-op related items.



Go to is probably the best auction portal allowing you to search catalogues of both online and offline sales.




Run a Google search



Offline Auctions


Search for US-based dealer stock and auctions of antiques, art and collectibles.




Specialist German technical antiques auctioneer.



The following major auction houses occassionally sell old slot machines, generally in their mechanical music, optical devices or rock and roll memorabilia sales.





For other sales, events, exhibitions and offline auctions.



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