Anyone for POLO?????????

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Anyone for POLO?????????

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We all know how hard it is to get the right sized packets of sweets to fit our sweetie allwins :!?!: .
Well if you have a branch of Poundland near to you, pay them a visit, I have just found some packets of Polo’s to fit my O.W. machine, Granted my allwin is a Spangles machine, but I would rather it paid out sweets than a dummy block of wood any day, and I am sure my grandson’s will also approve next time they come to play the machines !!YIPPEE!! .
The reason I have posted this information is, if the Polo machine has the same size sweet slide as the spangles machine they will be a perfect fit !THUMBS! .
Maybe some one can tell us if they are the same or not?
Also you get 8 packs of Polo's for 1 pound, which is quite good by today’s standards.
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