Super Steer-a-Ball

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Re: penny steer-a-ball

Post by badpenny »

Very nice job, wish I could paint like that .......... actually, I just wish I could paint! :(
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Re: penny steer-a-ball

Post by jimmycowman »

I'm now at the point of getting my Steer-a-Ball to work. Does anyone know what I can use as a belt? (goes around the shaft and tilts the play field). What belt/band did they use before?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: penny steer-a-ball

Post by coin-op »

It's basically a length of about 1/2" thick leather cord with a spring (about 1/2" dia, 3 inches long) attached at either end. I got some suitable leather from a local cobblers as they used it for the belt drive of one of their machines. The piece I got was an off-cut which they had no use for and he just gave it to me. The springs are attached by piercing the leather with the end of the spring. Then you hook the other end of the springs onto pins on either side of the the back plate in the machine. Obviously the overall length needs to allow the leather to grip the channel on the inner disc of the steering wheel column.
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Re: penny steer-a-ball

Post by john t peterson »

Folks, you could not BUY this information. Yet here it is, on the open forum offered up for free by Mr. Pennymachines and his generous friends. We are a lucky group. Merry Christmas, everyone!

J. Peterson

Re: penny steer-a-ball

Post by jimmy »

Thanks for that. I will try using leather.
Just wondering, if it was made for a 1/2 inch belt, why was the wheel on the shaft only about 1/4inch?

Re: penny steer-a-ball

Post by coinop »

I may have got the size wrong then :oops: I was going from memory as to thickness and maybe I was confusing it with a Conveyor (which also uses leather). I actually took the time to look at a Steer-a-Ball and it had a length of plastic coated wire between two springs... so I guess it can come down to plain just what does the trick.
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super steer a ball

Post by lourens »

Topic merged - Site Admin.

Some folks out there that could tell me some more about this arcade machine?


Any info would be very welcome.
Is there any repro artwork available for this machine?

Is it worth restoring?

Cheers, Lourens.
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Re: super steer a ball

Post by treefrog »

There is one on youtube from Wookey Hole Caves Penny Arcade, a Stevenson and Lovett Super Steer a Ball, early fifties I guess..... If you search the site there is another link on someone restoring artwork (merged - Site Admin.). Certainly looks worth restoring, especially if all there..

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Re: Super Steer-a-Ball

Post by lourens »

Tree-frog, good evening,

Thanks for your reply and thanks for the photo.
I'm considering restoring because I like the work that has to be done.
Mine has a small door on the right side and on both sides, holes for cooling the lamps, I think.
So photos of both sides would be nice so I can see if they belong there or not.

Also pic from the inside mechanism, etcetera would be appreciated!

So if anybody has a machine and would make some that would be great.

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Re: Super Steer-a-Ball

Post by pennymachines »

The door on the right side is for cash box access.
Usually I think there are metal grilles on both sides to vent hot air from the bulbs.
Pictured below, the inside of a Stevenson & Lovett Steer-A-Ball. It's more derelict than yours, but definitely worth restoring! Yours is the Jay Pee version, but the mechanism is very similar.
The steering wheel is off a 1940s Jowett Bradford van.
See nicely restored Ahrens? version in the Museum.
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