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Re: Spry-Ball pinball

Postby coppinpr » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:28 am

I do like the telegrams address on the flyer "Dazzlers".
A cleverly written flyer, "yours for £5, less than one week's takings". Well yes, but only if you buy on HP, and you would still owe £12! But the best part is, "reports of takings of £7 to £8 per week". Well, that's over 1,900 games per week (274 per day if the venue is open 7 days a week). Let's say a 10 ball games takes 5 mins; that's continuous uninterrupted play for over 22 hours per day. Let's be generous and say a game only takes 3 mins. If the venue is open 11 hours per day that would mean the players would be queuing up when the place opens and forced to leave when it closed. With 10 balls per game 7 million balls would be propelled per year; the machine would be worn out before you finished the HP agreement. :lol:

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