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Uncle Sam strength tester

Postby coppinpr » Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:29 pm

Went to the Brighton Jukebox Show today where I met this friendly chap, always ready to shake your hand. In great condition but I didn't ask the price. The Dutch firm selling it wanted £600 for a Daval "Reel 21", broken, stripped to the bare metal and no gum dispenser, so I thought the Uncle Sam strength tester price might give me a heart attack.

uncle sam.jpg
Some very nice jukeboxes there and some at a fair price. A nice fully working Small Rock-Ola for about £800. Few slot machines, a poor late Mills and an Arcadian both at £380, a Governor at £1250 and a Bryans clock for £600. Just one allwin, an "allwin Deluxe" at £800. A nice collection of vintage American cars on show. Cheapest things on sale were a few 1960s stereo-grams, fully working for £25 to £45 (I don't think they wanted to drag them home...again!)

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