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OK, as no-one else has posted here yet, I'll start the ball rolling.

I've just started to increase my very small collection, and to this effect, I recently bought this Allwin.


It was made by Ruffler and Walker, and my guess is that it was manufactured around 1955 (Unless you know better.......)

It needed a little fiddling and fettling, but now works faultlessly. A win pays out a Penguin which, according to the backflash, were then made by a company called "McDonalds".

Obviously the enamel sign is not original, and has presumably been added by a showman. I have removed it now since it detracted from the appearance of the machine imho, but it is a thing of beauty nevertheless, and is on display elsewhere in my home.

I have also recently acquired a nice Mills Hi-Top, and I'll try to dig out a photo of that soon.


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Post by pennymachines »

I think R&W made the best sweety and gift allwins.
I like the robust payout handles (ideal for sticky little fingers), the backflashes are less fragile than Oliver Whales versions, the mechs are a bit more sophisticated and often there's an adjustment on the hopper to cope with product size changes. The golden oak cases are nice too - need I go on?
Yes, it does look better without the sign plonked on top.
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