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Unusual and interesting Canadian-made coin shooter

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 8:47 am
by coppinpr

I was sent these photos (not great photos) of a very interesting Dime coin shooter and wondered if anyone had ever seen the like. It's not in bad condition. Dirty and unfortunately missing the gun (which is a bit of a disaster). The game play seems unusual. Llike other machines, the dimes were fired by the gun, but in this case in an attempt to get them into one of the cups. If successful, a solenoid opened the cup and allowed the coins to fall into the payout cup. As you can see, the nameplate says "Straight Aim Machine" "Patent pending 264108" "American Specialities Limited" "Moose Jaw, Sask" (not many machines around with that home town I think). I've searched the net but can't find any mention of machine or maker. Anyone have any info?

Two things that struck me:
1. The instructions hints a win will pay "all the coins in the cup". How would it be possible to have more than one coin in the cup? !PUZZLED!
2. Why did it need four bells!! :o
(I have no idea why the photos have come out the wrong way round , I loaded them the right way up :!?!: ) Now rotated - Site Admin.