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Wonders Wonder Win

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2020 7:23 pm
by geofflove
From my recent mad haul of battered and bruised machines I’ve selected the wonder win to make a start on. Picked because owning the scale of the machines piled up I thought I needed an easy win to start. Not that easy though sadly....

Here’s the staring point.

So most the screws were rusted into the wood. In most case trying to remove them just broke the screw off. In most cases it’s not a big problem as I can replace in a slightly different place apart from in the case of the hinges where I’ll have to drill out the remaining bit of screw, and then plug the wood somehow to refit the hinge.

The flick lever and payout knobs were also well seized. Eventually got these out with wd40, pipe wrench and hammer and drill to drill the split pins out.

The clear plastic covering the back flash was very yellowed and marked so decided to replace this. Thanks for the tips on the acetate - eventually ordered some 440 micron stuff so will see how that goes when it arrives. Anyway, getting the tracks off proved fun as the split pins were again rusted into the wood and I needed to be careful not to damage the track or backflash getting them out. Succeeded in the end. The back flash is actually pretty good underneath. It’s got some slightly rusty holes in each corner where tacks held it in place. I need to decide how to re attach it. Maybe a larger headed tack of some kind to cover some of the damage?

I didn’t remove any more of the mech than I needed to as I was worried about breaking more screws. I also tested it and with a bit of lubrication it’s all working fine now so if it ain’t broke.....

One question if you’re still hanging in there with me.

There is an additional function at the top of the mech which seems to do nothing. There’s a wire attached to the main payout vertical bar, about 4 inches down from the top pivot. This appears to close the ball channel leading down from the win cups as you turn the payout knob. However by this time the ball has already passed this point in order to actually trigger the win. So what’s it for? Or is is part of a standard mech feature used in a different model? You can see it here.

I’m now going to spend a bit of time on the case, including making a new cash door, and do some buffing in the controls while I wait for the acetate to arrive.

Will post updates in future.

Re: Wonders Wonder Win

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 6:16 am
by gameswat
Geoff, I'd suggest buying a bottle of good quality penetrating oil and soaking every nut & bolt possible on all your new machines, once or twice a week. A light tap with a plastic headed mallet to the nuts also helps. And heat really helps. But of course this can be an issue when they are close to wood. Then it can work to use a large headed old soldering iron, the kind for tinsmithing or leaded windows etc. This way you can locate the heat source on the end of a bolt and it will quickly expand the parts and help break the rust hold. More penetrating oil and then hopefully the pieces come apart! I've saved some horrendous looking threads this way over the years.

Re: Wonders Wonder Win

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 6:48 am
by geofflove
Thanks gameswat. Some good tips. Will give it a go.