Holy allwin Batman!

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Re: Holy allwin Batman!

Post by rivierakid »

Finally the allwin is fully reassembled and working. Just to conclude the saga of the balls - I tried half-inch, 9/16ths and 14mm - all without success. Either too small to stack high enough in the reserve, or too large to get through all the guides. Eventually 17/32 proved to be the perfect fit. Can highly recommend Simply-bearings online who provided a very quick postal service at a reasonable price.
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Re: Holy allwin Batman!

Post by arrgee »

Looks like there is a chute missing between the token tubes and payout cup. Also, how does it pay out a single token, as I assume on a win it does not discharge from all the 5 tubes in one go - is there a rotating mech to select just one token?
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