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Victualler's Shooting Range

Postby JC » Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:37 pm

John Peterson wrote another of his interesting and most informative articles for issue 40, on a very rare British machine he acquired recently. Bearing in mind John is an American collector of British coin-op, he does have an incredible knack of finding real treasures on the other side of the Atlantic.

On this occasion, John related the story of his acquisition of a very rare Haydon & Urry machine, c.1895 - The Barrels Machine or Victualler's Shooting Range, which he found in remarkably good original condition (minus the front door). Even more remarkably, the machine came with a quantity of original redemption cards.

Here are the pictures, as published in the magazine.
Haydon & Urry advertisement.jpg
Haydon & Urry advertisement
The Barrels machine, as found
Barrels finished.jpg
The machine after restoration,
complete with new door
Barrels instructions.jpg
The original instruction card
Barrels card.jpg
One of the original cards

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