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March 2014

Postby JC » Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:28 pm

Understandably, I am starting to receive emails and phone calls from people concerned that they haven't received the March magazine. There is a very simple reason for this - there isn't one, or at least, not yet.........and when it does happen, it obviously won't be in March.
As some of you may know, my arcade in Brighton was seriously trashed by the storm that hit the south of England on Friday 14th February, since when I have been totally preoccupied in sorting out the carnage. I was hoping to be ready to open again in time for the Easter school holidays, but alas I'm still not quite there, although I do hope to be open again this coming weekend.
Needless to say, during the past weeks, the magazine has not been very high up on my list of priorities, but there will be a magazine - eventually.
Here's a picture of the arcade which Sharron took on the Sunday after the storm. There was still no power (the storm having taken out the sub station under the pier) - the only light was the sunlight shining through the gaping great hole where the steel roller-shutter used to be. It actually looks a lot better here than it did the day before, with most of the five inches of water having already been bailed-out...........

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Re: March 2014

Postby highfield » Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:10 am

Good to hear from you. The magazine is not important compared to what you have had to deal with.
Good luck with reopening.

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Re: March 2014

Postby slotalot » Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:24 am

I second that. !THUMBS! I hope you have a bumper season to make up for all the upset. :tarah:

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Re: March 2014

Postby cheeky » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:20 pm

JC, that is terrible. My thoughts are for you and Sharron. As the boys have said, the magazine can wait.

Keep smiling or alternative superglue your favourite MP to the sub-station. That will cheer you up! !OMFG!

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Re: March 2014

Postby treefrog » Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:48 pm

Wow, cannot believe the beach got that far, especially if those large pebbles werebeing chucked at the front, I hope there was not too much damage to the floor standing machines.....

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Re: March 2014

Postby arrgee » Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:13 pm

We are all behind you Jerry (metaphorically speaking of course) - so we miss a magazine - no worries, I suspected that you were concentrating on the arcade. !THUMBS!
Hope you have a good Easter after all this.

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