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BMCo "Little Fivewin" Win / Lose Decals

Postby bugdust » Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:02 pm

Hoping someone can help.
I'm currently restoring an old BMCo "Little Fivewin" machine where the embossed foil win/lose decals have all perished bar the two "lose" ones. They are very similar in appearance to the ones Gameswat helpfully posted on a thread last year.Interestingly though, the text is slightly different, the "lose" one is green and says "LOST" rather than "LOSE"
There appears to be only one other picture on the web of this particular machine (a photo from the Elephant House sales some years ago) which is of insufficient resolution to see what colour the "win" one should be (presumably red, but who knows!) and whether it says "Won" or "Win"!!
Probably being a bit pedantic about this but this particular machine has been such a challenge in correcting a series of "bodges" from years past (No, not mine! I'm doing those now!!) that I'd be as well get it right!
Any help gratefully appreciated!
lose tab 1.bmp
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