Cromptons / Harry Levy flyers / price list

Graphics, flyers, instructions and other materials.
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Cromptons / Harry Levy flyers / price list

Post by riche100 »

I know a lot of you would spit on this kind of stuff, but it will sadly be the future of collecting in the future and the resources would be good to see and look back on if you was about.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the files. I scanned them in at 300dpi, so should be good quality.

Many thanks for letting me post this up here.

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Re: Cromptons / Harry Levy flyers / price list

Post by moonriver »

Thanks for making the effort to post Rich, interesting for those outside of operating to see a price list too.
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Re: Cromptons / Harry Levy flyers / price list

Post by cait001 »

Thanks for doing this!

Page 26 has a machine "Animal Magic" that is a ticket version of Tooty Fruity, and also mentions that Tooty Fruity is available as a "cash version".

I've seen 1970s Cromptons Tooty Fruity machines on this site, but does anyone know for how long they made them? Obviously into the '90s if the have a CD sound package!
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