Vintage Slots in Films and Newsreels

Videos of vintage slot machines in action.
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Re: Vintage Slots in Films and Newsreels

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Re: Vintage Slots in Films and Newsreels

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Dennison purchased this Levitating Lady automaton in France around 1908 and built the case himself. In the 1920's his daughters revamped it into the then more current deco look. An example of the original automata (pic attached) sold at auction approx 2012 for $220,000! I was lucky enough to work on the machine for Pat Gresham in 2012 and I found an operating info label attached inside that I carefully removed to discover the original Dennison business card on the backside. At the time she was hoping to sell the machine to a coin-op collector but that never happened and I believe it went to Europe to be restored back to the original format of non coin-op without cabinet. ... -automaton
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