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Cash & Carry

Postby badpenny » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:14 pm

To prove that panic buying is a knee jerk reaction, I've just popped into the nations largest wholesale/cash & carry. The one that small supermarkets and corner shops buy their stock from.
Honestly no need to hoard, any shop can refill its shelves so long as the general public crave for Buxtons water, accompanied by tomato sauce and polystyrene cups all washed down with toothpicks.
And so much time to be saved, for the shopkeeper. No need to try and work out their profit margin as the prices they pay have been hiked up to what the public were paying a month ago. So it's simple, there is no profit for them unless they hike the prices up as well and then get accused of profiteering.
Happy days

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