Bloody Olympics

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Re: Bloody Olympics

Post by coppinpr »

I was in no way a supporter of the games when it started but it has to be said, we did it well. The general media view around the world is that we did it better than anyone else, ever! Reading non-British accounts, such as Time Mag and National Geo, we will NOT lose money on it. NG suggests it was in fact a cheap way of redeveloping the East End of London; Time suggests that the profits generated by the games in increased tourists over the next TWO YEARS will generate tax revenues that will cover the cost of the games. Today Heathrow will move 140,000 people on one day. Just before the games they moved 250,000 in one day, the biggest number shifted by any airport anywhere in the world, ever. My view is that the government spending the money for the long term good of the country IS a good thing and the sort of thing rich countries should do, and make no mistake the UK IS a rich country. I wasn't interested, but like so many others I became interested. I have to give it 10 out of 10 and admit I was wrong.
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Re: Bloody Olympics

Post by andydotp »

Well London certainly got good press and thumbs up in the Australian media (and we're still living the highs from Sid-er-ney) so s'pose I'd better say well dun too then,,,

And to agree with coppinpr...the on-going benefits ought be immeasurable - in financial terms.

Even though I'm no fan of the F1 GP and it costs us Victorian tax payers over $50,000,000.00 each year to host it, the hotels are booked out for a fortnight years in advance, my pick-pocketing take on race-day means I have sufficient cash to only have to work 48 weeks a year now and if I paint my car yellow I get waved down all the time and paid to take people places....
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Re: Bloody Olympics

Post by badpenny »

I've been the noisiest moaner about UK hosting the Olympics. I watched the opening and closing ceremonies, and some of the finals. Now that it's finished I publicly admit that I was impressed.

When it comes to showcasing and paying attention to details I think UK has always been good at achieving success through getting the small details right rather than just a few high profile things.
We may or may not see a high return for the investment, my concern will still be what our leaders and betters do with it.

It may be a sad fact of life, however to the individual everything comes down to "what's in it for me".
And all that's been in it for me has been losing two jobs in two years due to the government pulling the plug on funding for assisting disabled people because "we simply can't afford it!"

It's great to inspire a young generation, but I can't help wondering how many more we might have inspired with sustainable dreams of employment if we'd used £24bn to underpin real apprenticeships and not the current let's pretend job training programmes our youngsters suffer.
Randomly plucked from Google, other reviews exist and quote less or more, we'll never know

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Re: Bloody Olympics

Post by treefrog »

I think we are always split into two camps, pessimists and optimists, me being the doubter, but I too got into the whole thing, probably about two days before the event.

I thought it was great and when it comes to money, well, there is always a better cause out there and all of them will have equal importance in individual's eyes. I guess though you also need to deal with these wider feel good type events every so often, which inspire many to do more and believe there is hope out there. For those reasons it is worth every penny.... 2012 has been a good year to try and bring people out of 4 years of doom and gloom and even if they are not actually fixing everything, if you do not change people's mindset to be more optimistic we will never change.
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