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So big it had a one way system.

Postby badpenny » Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:29 pm

You could have ...........
Fizzing bath soap
Giant bubble blowers
Zebra Burgers
Cheese after cheese after cheese
Coats, hats and scarves
Coats, hats and scarves made for cold cats
Coats, hats and scarves made for cold dogs
Hot dogs
German sausages & beer
Wooden Toys
Plastic Toys
Paper Toys
Flavoured chocolates
Hot chocolate

So much for the first street of The Lincoln Christmas Market, there were another half a dozen plus four or five car parks that were also transformed into a generator powered. LED lit Victorian scene......... and all to celebrate the birth of the baby Santa all those years ago.

The best fun was going around half an hour before it closed down Sunday night. They were giving away the food and forcing mulled cider and wine on you. How many Ostrich pies and chunks of Hedgehog cheese can one guzzle before 7pm?

Without doubt the most impressive 3 day Street Fair/Market I've ever got lost in.

About ten years ago they tried to introduce one in Coventry themed on German fayre ........ so that was ten stalls selling watered down beer, sausages and Glühwein with one stall run by a very old man dressed in lederhosen and wearing a paper green trilby with a battered feather in it. He was merrily freezing his bollocks (yes German for bollocks is bollocks!) while using a powered sander to make wooden house numbers.

I asked the Herr Wurst-Provider if he'd been to Coventry before.
He replied .......
"No, but mine Father know this city very well many times ....... from five and a half thousand feets."


'Tis the season to humour wallies tra la la la la ....... !!RAYOF!!

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