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Would you buy a motorbike from this man?

Postby jimmy55 » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:30 pm

I always keep an eye on Gumtree at the motorcycle section ( further proof of the deepening mid life crisis ). This ad appeared today and I think holds the record for the most spelling mistakes I have ever seen. Coupled with the fact that the bike in the photo attached to the ad isn't the bike that is being sold .....it makes you fink!

hi this is my pride and joy ive own the bike for about 5 years and i have spent a lot of time and money on this bike but i havent been able to do anything to this bike for about a year now as i have a very bad back and i have no longer got the cast to finish it of.
the bike is very clean many new parts were brought for it over the years.
the bike in the pitcher isent the 1 for sale but it nearly the same as mine.
i havent put the engine in the bike as i can not lift it in there due to bad back.
every thing is there and its been dryed stored (was in my living room)
i now i woulded get wot i spent on the bike bk so its up for 550 if the bike go's for the asking price will throw in my ts 100 er (engine carb exhuast ) these parts are usable.
wen i brought the bike it had the old fashion log book but i have looked every were and i can not find it at all but the frame and engine numbers are there and are matching.
grab your self a bargin ive looked on ebay and there is a blue 1 with no nuber plaite like my 1 and its for £2000 so i fink its a fear price that im asking.
this bike needs to go to a good home i wish i could finish it off.
any qwestions please call me on this number 075421*****
please no time waster.
read the story propley

I was particularly fond of the 'dry stored' bit ....in the living room, I think I'll run that by the wife. **xXx**

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Re: Would you buy a motorbike from this man?

Postby badpenny » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:47 pm

What's unreasonable about that?
My Harley Fatboy spent every Christmas in the backroom with lights and tinsel. (I had French doors then)
You don't have the monopoly on mid life crisis !!CHEERS!! I'm just running out of energy.

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