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Stolen machines

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:28 pm
by glittering-prize67
I've split and moved this post because it seemed irrelevant to slot machines and the two-year old stolen machines thread - Site Admin.

sod the law,if culprit is found or known give them a good kicking and break both arms,that will stop em for a while.Im afraid sometimes the law is just not enough for these scum sucking pond life pratts.Ive tried to be polite,icould have been a lot more down to earth :evil:

Re: Stolen machines - British collection

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:04 pm
by badpenny
Sometimes it doesn't help your Blood Pressure to sit on the fence for the sake of politeness GP.


Re: Stolen machines - British collection

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:27 pm
by glittering-prize67
Yes BP you are spot on mate. I hate people who steal things others have worked hard for. And for what, maybe a days fix on some druggie. :evil: !!RANT!!

Re: Stolen machines - British collection

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:41 am
by coppinpr
my daughter was burgled while she was visiting me at Christmas,the police,as usual, were useless. When I was young I was a great believer in the UK police,but now,surely they are the worst in the western world,they do nothing...ever... how many times have you seen them just sitting in a traffic snarl up rather than getting out and doing something about it. The one thing that really gets to me is the way they look now. Every (and I do mean every) patrol car cop puts on the dirtiest most crumpled yellow hi-vis jacket the human mind can conceive as soon as he gets out of his nice warm patrol car,either they have lost all the buttons or,more likely, he thinks it cool to rush around with it flapping about.Instead of giving a good impression and installing confidence they now look like road diggers. The american police and even the totally corrupt Italian police at least LOOK the part for all their faults. I wouldn't even ask a policeman the time of day..the only answer you'd get would be "its 3 hours 13 minuets and 30 seconds before I can go off duty"

Re: Stolen machines - British collection

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:44 pm
by ilovemyjukebox
I don't post very often on this forum but do check in everyday and enjoy the posts of others. My knowledge of all things slots is no match for some of you guys.

Today I felt the need to respond to the last post in this thread. I have recently retired after spending 31 years in the Police. My career has not been anything special. I started it fighting rioters at Broadwater Farm (about 2 miles from where I lived and was bought up). That night the rioters very nearly hacked an officer's head off. Towards the end I also had the pleasure of running up and down the road in fisty cuffs with rioters, probably the sons and daughters of those I had a fight with 30 years previous.

Inbetween I've attended a few force funerals. My first was my sergeant. He was patrolling on his own one night and came across two youths trying to break into a car. He confronted them, he could have turned a blind eye, and for his troubles he was stabbed and died soon after in the back of a passing motorist's car. Now as I remember rightly he was a scruffy sort of guy. His uniform always looked a little dishevelled. So fits the lazy stereotype the last poster alluded to.

I also recall a nice chap in his 20's. He was working night duty one night and attended a call on his own. He was confronted by a young man high on drugs and suffering from mental disorder. He put a bullet in his chest. He too bled out on the streets of Hackney. As I recall he was quite a smart individual. He wasn't brave. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If I skip on a few years. A good friend of mine was out on patrol one night making his way to the Kebab Shop (Yes police officers do have to eat on duty). He was actually off his beat by a few hundred feet at the time he saw a large box van and had a gut feeling about it. Instead of carrying on getting his Kebab he stopped the van for no real reason, only to be confronted by a male with a gun. That male, an IRA terrorist, was on his way with a bomb in the back to cause havoc at the morning's Lord Mayor's Parade, shot him. Thankfully the bullet glanced off his head. Didn't kill him but left a very nasty scar. My mate still gave chase until he passed out. Now there is nothing scruffy about my mate. Smart as a shiny button.

I could tell you all sorts of "war stories" about confronting males armed with knives or running into pub fights when everyone else is running in the opposite direction. I could tell you about a young WPC I had on my team who was chasing a burglar across roof tops and fell through a skylark. Falling 30 feet and breaking her back. Never walked properly again but had an early pension. Right result. I think she used to look a little untidy at the end of an eight hour night duty too. The night I talked a young man with HIV off a roof top. He was covered in his own blood and covered me too. It was the early 90's we were very naive about HIV then. I had a very nervous 3 month wait to confirm I had been infected. Or the time I had to break the news to a family that their 15 year old had committed suicide by walking out in front of the Stansted express. That night has lived with me for nearly half my life. I still have occasional nightmares.

Those two WPC's who responded to the burglary a few years ago up in the Midlands. I believe they were wearing their yellow reflective jackets when they were shot. They must have looked a right mess.

That young chap with a young family who tried to stop a stolen vehicle and had the car driven deliberately at him. He must have looked very unprofessional lying on the ground dying.

None of these people expected to die when they left their loved ones. They were not going to war. They were just responding to calls from the public. Just like 1000's of young coppers up and down the country do every day. This year at least one of those responders will pay with his/her life.

There are lazy police officers just as there are lazy Butchers. But for the most part I have only ever come across people who want to do their best. They are often frustrated by the system. They are worn down by the politics of policing. What was once a profession has now been completely watered down by this government. They go from call to call often dealing with things that have nothing to do with policing simply because they are the only ones available. Services in Mental Health and other so called emergency services have been so severely cut that the police are taking up the slack. The London Ambulance Service delay sending Ambulances if a police officer is on scene.

I've talked to people who have had to wait days to report a burglary. They expected police to respond immediately but the truth of the matter is that unless the burglary is actually in the process of being committed it will not get an immediate response. In some parts of the country there aren’t even the resources to attend at all. They have to be prioritised. If you don't like those priorities the local PCC elections are coming up.

When I left I handed over 120 serious crimes to my incoming replacement. My team of 4 plus me had to juggle those crimes and do our best to try and solve them. The night I retired was the first night I was able to sleep right through. Previously I went to bed dreaming of investigations.

As for wanting a police force like those in Europe I'd be careful what you wish for. They might be smarter in their uniforms but lack the power of discretion.

Perhaps you might want to have a ponder on what I've written the next time you see a police officer in his nice warm car, the next call he responds to might well be his last.

Re: Stolen machines

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:59 pm
by coppinpr
just some comments on the last post,
1st I never said we need a police force like others in europe only that for all their faults they look the part,which they do, ours do not

2nd all the events you list are brave ,difficult to deal with and hard to live with..they are also part of the job you signed up for

3rd the crumpled hi res jackets the patrol cobs grab from the back of their car have seen a lot more than one long nights duty between a good clean

4th yes there are lazy people in all jobs. I think you must agree there are more in the police than there used to be,for many reasons,too much paper work for one. a thankless task for a another. how many times have reports come out saying that the police need to get back into sight to be effective not all of them should be hidden away in patrolcars.
One experience I had with the police sticks in my mind, I had some cheque books stolen in the post and someone started using them which was the first I knew that they had been posted and not arrived, I tried to report this to my local station (Brighton) they didnt want to know, they said it was down to the local station where my business was (south london) they didnt want to know, they said it was down the station where they were posted (north london) they didnt want to know and pointed me back to Brighton. A few weeks later a cheque cashing shop called me and said a man was in the shop trying to cash a cheque of mine,was that right? I said no call the police and get him arrested, they came and arrested him (thanks to me and the shop girl) he was charged, ALL THREE of the stations id tried to report it to contacted me and asked if they could record it on there books as reported to them so they could list it as solved through their station...after the event.

there are ,of course, lots of hard working policemen,and I never said our police were corrupt like some forces clearly are, but they do appear to the general public to be ineffectual,disinterested and shabby. Like I said they way they look gives a bad impression, I know the policeman himself dosent dictate the uniform he just has to wear what hes told to wear, and it looks shabby.
Im not anti police, I used to be great believer in the UK force but,along with the majority, my confidence has dwindled away, you will call me evil and unknowing of the real facts, neither is true (I have close connections who are in a position to know quite a bit about the force and why it dosnt function very well and many of the reasons go straight to the government and the forces funding.

we shouldnt have got into this discussion on this site and I wont comment again and I sorry if my views hit a nerve, but they are my views and the views of many others.

Re: Stolen machines

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:31 pm
by ilovemyjukebox
You are right it did hit a nerve and you are also right this is not the right place. But you are wrong when you say that the MAJORITY have had their confidence dwindled away. Confidence surveys completed by those who have no connection with the police do not support your argument.

I also disagree about the laziness. Life was a lot more lazy when I began than it was when I retired. This idea too of getting out of the patrol car is quite simply rubbish peddled by a right wing press, looking back on rose tinted glasses to the 1950's and before. Dixon of Dock Green never existed. Well certainly not in London. The Police are slated when they don't respond quick enough to calls and yet those same people that slate them want them out on a beat when it would take hours rather than minutes to get to where they want to be.

More importantly I think you missed a point I made completely. The actions I described by those officers who lost their lives were not brave. They were doing a job and as a result of that they lost their lives. Nobody signs up expecting or anticipating to be killed.

You are of course entitled to your opinion and I would fight with my last breath to ensure that that right continued. However, your original post was just a stereotypical regurgitation of the sort of thing found in the Daily Mail.

I've no doubt you had a bad experience with the Police, maybe on more than one occasion but to tar everyone does you no justice.

I've dealt with four butchers in the past who had a very nice little peodophile ring going. I wouldn't call all butchers kiddy Fiddlers based on my limited interaction with that particular trade.

I too won't post anymore and will slip back into my browsing mode.

Re: Stolen machines

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:16 pm
by treefrog
I normally am only interested in posting on this site on topics related to machines, even though this seems to have diminished over the last 6 months, especially from a lot of the regular posters, know idea what has happened, but many regulars seem to have either lost interested or cant be bothered or maybe passed on.

Anyway back to the point, I have to admit Coppin I am not one to get too heavily involved in a topic like this, but was surprised by your post. Maybe I am old school, but I will always support those who do more for all of us than we will ever achieve in our lives who put their lives in the benefit of others or to save others, whether that be armed forces, police, fire brigade etc etc...... We have all come across rogue bobbies in our lives and have a story to tell, but the same could be said of rogue butchers, accountants or doctors. Most of us old boys would love to see bobbies on the street and local police houses re-instated, but I guess society has changed as well as the challenges the police have to meet. You have targeted the wrong area here I suspect and should not shoot the tools, but the person contoling the tool

Re: Stolen machines

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:10 pm
by youngerap
What a brilliant thread! Well done to both Coppinpr and Ilovemyjukebox. And I thought this was exactly what the Tipple was for: a vehicle to allow discussion and debate not related to our hobby without interfering with the main business of the site. I am sure the moderators will step in if anybody steps over the line of decency.

I must admit to having some sympathy for Paul's view (but without the 'scruffy' bit). My experience of the police force, however, is that they are almost exclusively a good bunch of folk who absolutely believe in what they are trying to do. Sure, they may be slow to respond to burglary calls and might not even attend. And the days of seeing a copper on the beat are long gone. But I have witnessed acts of terrible violence and never have I seen hesitation from the police when they are called. I have stood between my family and the drugged-up loony using a sharpened stake as a lance and I cannot tell you how relieved I was when that giant in uniform stepped up and took the crazy down (the giant was actually shorter (certainly lighter) than me and probably half my age). Sadly, the druggie was only held for a few hours and released with a caution. What a joke and the police knew it. Do I blame them for that? Hell no! One of theirs took down a crazy junkie and prevented him from hurting my kids! I will always be grateful for that.

If anybody, I blame the idiot politicians who have interfered with and politicized the police force, skimped in response to budget pressures and introduced stupid laws all of which has served to dilute the police effort and placed us all (including our police officers) at greater risk of harm. Most of all I blame the British public for letting the idiot politicians do it. Rightly or wrongly, our population is growing. Our society is being stressed as never before as people from different cultures are introduced. Many of them come from war-torn lands and, indeed, were part of the violence unleashed in those parts. How do we respond? Open the borders and reduce the number of police. For those that remain, tie their hands behind their back with the introduction of bizarre Human Rights laws and emphasis on political correctness. Makes perfect sense, eh?

By the way, I do not subscribe to the 'right-wing media' crap. To me those who use that much-overused excuse have already lost their argument. People can think for themselves.

Just my tuppence worth. Going back to my Horlicks now. All the Best.

Stolen machines

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:17 am
by glittering-prize67
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we live in a society full of druggies and refugees,thank the government for that as i would not let any in.Alarms now days are like mobile phones,amust have.And my alarm rings me when it goes off and any scum found in my property will be buried.Its my domain,and anyone who tries to get in un invited will die,simple police needed.british justice is a bloody i would make one less peice of shit to worry about.Good shark food. !!RANT!!