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Yeah, well this is the pub right?

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:14 pm
by andydotp
Been a while ,,, the doctors simply wouldn't believe I was better now ,,, so I proved 'em wrong and had my book (Punk in the Gym) published.
Ran a few coins through my old slots this evening and they played & paid perfectly. Mate dar'nt boozer says he has a 'really old, antique' slot he found in his granddad's garage and reckons 'you'd pay big bucks for this - its a genuine antique' ... 'How many reels' I ask, 'Four', then 'stainless steel case, plastic sign on the bottom half and do the lights work'? 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, perfect. Gotta be worth a fortune'.
Seriously, its hopeless down here (unless you're Rory or Bob).
Speak again in five years ... IF I find something as exciting as the above to share.
Apols for the blatant book plug but I'll do anything to get my one pound fifty (less tax) in royalties, Ha!
Hi BP. :woops:
Name witheld.

Re: Yeah, well this is the pub right?

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 4:08 pm
by badpenny
Hi Andy Chap!

Glad the book release went ok, sorry you didn't make it over, I'll let the airbed down until next time.

Just remind us of the ISBN will you?
We all have a bloke down the pub who knows everything, as an ex publican I can tell you that sheer hell is when they all come in on the same night and talk at each other.