Feeling old?

Enter the Honourable Judge's favourite tavern for a dram of Tittle Tattle. There's an ancient bandit in the corner, but I forget his name...
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Feeling old?

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in the description of a pinball machine on ebay

"I have not touched the cabinet and this remains 'commiserate with age'."
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Re: Feeling old?

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It must feel the way I do. :lol:
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Re: Feeling old?

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Commiserate? Perhaps, unless you consider the alternative. :dapper:

J Peterson
Undertaking old age in America
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Re: Feeling old?

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John T Peterson wrote:Undertaking old age in America

John, my Father-in-Law is a funeral director with a very dry sense of humour. When introduced to someone new (socially of course) he will tell them that he has been a professional boxer for over 50 years! when they give him that rather 'odd' look he follows it up with "I also deal in sub-terrarium real estate" and when that 'odd' look widens their eyes whilst simultaneously lowering their eyebrows he follows it up with "oh and I also deal in heavenly transport!" !PUZZLED!

He maintains that he signs his letters 'Yours eventually'

He tells me that at 89 years old, before getting up every morning, he will read the obituaries in the newspaper, if his name is not there, he will get out of bed. :lol:
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