Old amusements arcade in Rhyl?

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Old amusements arcade in Rhyl?

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Hi, fantastic site, just wanted to let you know of another old penny arcade that I have visited. It is on the seafront at Rhyl, North Wales, above the underground seafront car park, next to the carousel. Sorry, don\'t recall the name. Strictly old penny machines only, there are about 40 machines in there. Not been for a couple of years but would be surprised if it wasn\'t still there now, was very popular when I visited.

Can anyone confirm its location and whether it's still there?

Keep up the good work!
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Old amusements arcade in Rhyl?

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No Maygays here!!!

This is pre-decimal!

I'm desperate to take a trip to Rhyl to be honest. There must me some good memories there, I keep hearing stories!
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Old amusements arcade in Rhyl?

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After making enquiries, it appears that the vintage arcade at THE CHILDRENS' VILLAGE, RHYL has now closed. It has not been open since the end of 2004 season. I will keep you posted on any further information.
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