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Mobile Amusement Arcade.

Postby margamatix » Sun Jun 26, 2005 8:08 pm

I read some time ago, possibly in Pinball Player, about a chap who had set up a trailer with a dozen or so old machines, which he took around to local shows and steam rallies etc

He made his money by "selling" old pennies to the punters, which they then put back into the machines.

This seemed like a good idea to me- a little extra income at the weekend, and a chance to chat to the public and possibly locate some old machine "which I've had in the loft for years".

Has anyone any experience of doing this, or any thoughts?

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Postby terry » Mon Jun 27, 2005 9:16 am

Hi, sounds very much like you are talking about John Morley from Suffolk who still pulls his vintage machine trailer to several steam rallies etc. I met him a couple of weeks ago and he has indeed many a story to tell...including a barn find of WW1 era wall machines!! He is approaching retirement age so maybe you are the man to fill that little niche!!

All the best.


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