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Re: Novomat Restoration

Postby treefrog » Tue Mar 17, 2020 10:33 pm

For me the worst part of the machine has to be the handle assembly. Sometimes you are better not to disassemble as when it is held together and works, best left alone as you can remove the backplate only for the whole thing to fall apart. The metal issue is either there from birth or not there at all I reckon, maybe a fault in the mix or manufacture.

Second problem area is the coin acceptors, again thin metal and often suffers fatigue. Also being modified by U.K. operators to our coinage making things worse. I have come across many variations on the conversion, proving many different groups were doing this.

I have found the payout issues fairly easy to address, but the detector rod, if not straight or at the right angle to drop and lift can be a real pain. Also timing, there are few adjustments on this, especially ensuring the rod has time to drop before the locking mechanism is released on the slides

You can go on and on. I am with you, how every much they are pain I love these machines and when you get them running properly, it is the greatest pleasure to watch them operate !!THUMBSX2!!

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