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Home-made rotary tools

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:03 pm
by polaris
Just thought I would share this and see if anyone has any other ideas. If like me, you use a rotary tool, well known or otherwise, you will know that accessories for them are fairly expensive. I literally use hundreds of the abrasive wheels for cleaning and polishing parts from resto projects. The well known ones average about £4 for two.

I use Scotchbrite, which can be bought by the metre in various grades, 4mm washers and pop rivets to make my own, which break down to around 10p each. The best way would be using large head rivets which retain the mandrel, but I only have pop rivets, so I have to stop at the point before it breaks off. Cut the Scotchbrite using a 2p as a template; put two pieces together; make a hole in the centre; place a washer on a rivet; push the rivet through the hole; place another washer on top and tighten - job done.