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Re: Average payouts on mechanical slots?

Postby humperdingle » Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:17 pm

badpenny wrote:
humperdingle wrote:
badpenny wrote:Also there may be some of those little bugs fitted to the star wheels which block off the possibility of certain symbols landing.
Norty! :tut
Sounds intriguing! How do these little bugs work? I'm imagining some kind of filling piece in a cog wheel?
You're imagining right! !THUMBS!
The Star Wheel is a cog wheel, each reel has one and it has as many teeth/gaps as symbols. The lever that drops onto it and stops the reel gets deflected by the bug so it stops on the next following symbol.
Say a bandit has two Jackpot win lines, 3 melons and 3 bars. Then one bug could be put on melon and another on one bar, that way a jackpot line would never appear but the player may well "nearly get one" with one symbol only one away :dammit:
Pretty devious... Must try it !!THUMBSX2!!

Not really... But I can imagine it was rife at one time.

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