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Re: Nestles 1d chocolate vendor

Postby aristomatic » Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:36 am

No TF, the listing wasn't pulled early by the seller. Listed for 5 days and received no bids.

When listed I inquired whether the seller had a buy-it-now price. He replied he had had a few offers and what was I offering? I didn't offer on either his Nestle or cig vendor. I like them but maybe not as much as others? I prefer to collect more modern vendors. In addition if I'm buying for myself, now more interested in machines with original paint.

I was more interested in another that was for sale from a different source, as it had more original paint than the eBay listed item. Still a lot missing mind, but I would have just lightly rubbed it down and applied a couple of coats of wax to keep the condition as is. In the end I passed on that one, so a collector friend of mine could buy it without competition from me, as he'd done the same for me only recently.

NB: I'm certainly not saying that the OP shouldn't restore and paint his machine either.

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