Amusement machine trade fair, 1962-5

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Re: Amusement machine trade fair, 1962-5

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trevessa wrote: Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:51 pm ...I have many other images of other Nixson's machines from this era if anyone's interested.
Yes please. !!THUMBSX2!!
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Re: Amusement machine trade fair, 1962-5

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In the "ATE65" photo, anyone have any idea what the area bottom right is? Looks like a kitchen. :lol:

I looked up the edition of "Billboard" to see who the "up to 90 firms exhibiting" were only to find it was 65 firms in the end. But in so doing I found (as you always do when looking through old copies of Billboard) these interesting sections about the fair. I do like the mention of a Rock-Ola machine designed for political locations :lol: and the section saying the German firm (the only overseas company to take space :o ) had to display at a nearby hotel the year before. :D

Rock-Ola's specialized attraction panels for their line of fruit machines include displays of the House of Commons, for political club locations; 19th Hole, for golf clubs, and a Legionnaire, for British Legion and similar societies.

The Mazooma Bell and Money-Honey fruit machines which make change will also be seen. Mar-Matic Sales - sole concessionaire for the Jennings company and Mills Bell-O-Matic in the United Kingdom - will have a specially designed stand to give the utmost impact to various machines on show. Their display includes an advanced version of the former popular Blue Spot. The Keeney Super Blue Spot, making its world debut, accepts coins worth 35 cents, 28 cents, 14 cents and 7 cents, and has four coin boxes, one for each denomination, to facilitate counting. A credit meter registers the amount of plays due on insertion of a coin and subtracts as plays are made. Change or winnings can be taken at any time, but multiples of 100 are paid by a gold token cashable for money. Meters are provided which register the coins "in" and "out" and "total play." In the Jennings range, several new machines will be introduced, including Lucky Lady, giving five jackpot chances and 180 surprise awards; Golf Ball Bonus, a light-up with a special bonus payout of I I for completing nine holes, and the Challenger Consul which is mechanically played and has an electrical device for payouts. Also on this stand the Mills Bell-O-Matic machines will be shown for the first time since the British company was formed. Over 78 years' manufacturing experience goes into the construction of these models. An entirely new conception in construction is used for the Mills Midas, receiving its world premiere here. Several other new models will also be shown, including a front - opening unit.

New to the show will be German manufacturer Lowen-Automaten of Bingen, the only overseas maker to take space. Last year they were unable to make the show because of premium on space and exhibited at a nearby hotel.
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Re: Amusement machine trade fair, 1962-5

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coppinpr wrote: Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:06 am I think the light box from one of those six players (a fruits one) came up for sale at Coventry a few years ago. In the show photo it looks like there is another one on the stand as well, a fruits one? Impossible to tell.
Said light box was bought new by Joyland Amusements Bridlington. I salvaged it out of their ransacked warehouse along with a double player Brenco Copper Mine in mint condition. The lower half of machine had been damaged beyond!
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Re: Amusement machine trade fair, 1962-5

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It could form the basis of a reconstruction...
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Re: Amusement machine trade fair, 1962-5

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Well, I currently have a Jennings Lucky Lady but I'm pretty sure that I haven't seen a Jennings Golf Ball Bonus model which would have been introduced at that date..? I appreciate that not all machines marketed as new models at Trade Shows actually ever later made it to market, or not in the form described at the event, but would be interested if anyone has a flyer/actual model image of a Jennings light-up Golf Ball Bonus.
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