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Re: Old and the New

Post by badpenny »

Isn't that one of those Sega type arcade games without its TV screen at the front?
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Re: Old and the New

Post by moonriver »


I couldn't help myself either. I like to go for a ride on my camel on Grange-over-Sands and get back home refreshed and play on my Bryans Bumper
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Re: Old and the New

Post by dickywink »

And a new Arcade Club opening in Blackpool next year .... it's slightly later era than what we are used to here, but it is something that has my respect as they do what we do in restore original machines, repair and preserve them and allow others to play them.
Here is the news from Mr Palmer....
All the best ... Dicky
Well, well, well. What’s this all about then!? :)

It’s my great pleasure to finally announce that Arcade Club’s next venue will be in non other than Blackpool! For me, the home of classic arcades during the 80's and 90’s.

A lot has changed over the years from when I used to visit every summer with my Grandparents and brother. Arcades have moved on. Most have totally changed their business model. Now, prizes are played for rather than traditional high scores, and that's fine. The industry after all, is quite healthy and more arcades are opening all the time, which is only ever a good thing for the industry.

But some people (Admittedly most of them around my age ;D ) long for the games they played in their youth and that's what Arcade Club has always been about. Original games, on original hardware. Never emulated, always true. It's what we do, bringing back the classics from yesteryear while at the same time, embracing more modern forms of gaming. From newly released arcade titles to virtual reality. We quite simply love games.
I know we will be a good fit for Blackpool, and I feel we are bringing back something much needed to the UK's original arcade destination. Something that will benefit the town and the many visitors that flock here to enjoy their summer holidays.

It’s a project that’s very dear to my heart, and I can’t wait for opening night, when we can finally throw open the doors to our third venue.

If you have any questions please post below or PM the page, but before you reach for that keyboard, I’ll answer some obvious ones, right now ;)

How many games will there be?
Over 200 original Arcade games plus consoles, PCs etc.

What games will be available?
As with our other venues, it's my personal opinion that we'll have something for everyone regardless of age. From 1972s Pong, through the Namco, Sega and Atari classics, right up to present day. What’s more, I’ll be posting games as we install them the venue, so be sure to like this page to get the feed. :)

Will games from Bury & Leeds be used to populate this new venue?
No, Blackpool has its own complete set of games, all the ones you’d expect
plus a few surprises. ;)

Where is it?
We will release details closer to launch, early next year.

Will any Jobs be available?
Yes, we will advertise on this page once we are looking for people to join us. :)

Thanks for reading this far and thank you all for the support you've given us over the years! :)

All the best,

Andy Palmer and the Arcade Club Team
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Re: Old and the New

Post by brigham »

I don't remember playing for 'traditional high scores'. I remember playing for MONEY!

This sounds like one of those 'video gaming' places, which a lot of arcades turned into in the late '70s or early '80s.

Worth a look, next time I'm in the area.
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Re: Old and the New

Post by runner »

Well said Dicky.
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Re: Old and the New

Post by strongsoul4432 »

I like, that I have found this thread. Because, lately I started my new collection of machines. This time it is pinball machine (actually, it is the first one). It isn't an old, but it is a remake of a classic game of the 90s. You may look at this machine here (which is 3rd) https://recroompick.com/best-pinball-machines/
Now, I’m excited and play it with my son every evening. After reading this thread I know for sure, we will attend this place. Thank you for the information.
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Re: Old and the New

Post by arrgee »

JC wrote:I shall be closing for good in September, but more of that in the New Year
This seems to have crept under the radar and not generated any comments. Sorry to hear that Jerry, although I guess keeping the arcade up and running for so many years must have been a huge task not helped by the round trip distance you have to travel. A great seaside arcade for those who have not yet made a visit. !!THUMBSX2!!

All the best for 2020 Jerry, as indeed to all slot collectors out there.
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