Why so many Jennings Governors....?

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Re: Why so many Jennings Governors....?

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It was reputed that Angus Deayton was a behind the scenes founder of Morris Minor and the Majors
And we all know what happened to him ......
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Re: Why so many Jennings Governors....?

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Oh yes.
He tricked his way into employment with the BBC, despite being a sexually-active white hetero male...
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Jennings Governor problems

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Hi Cheeky, you ask why so many Jennings Governors? The answer is simply the fact that they were in the thousands of clubs, holiday pavilions, and working men's clubs throughout Great Britain. Especially in the ordinary working man's club one always graced you once you entered the door. I remember doing an article when about 1972 just after decimalisation I went to a very large shop where you could take your pick of any Jennings Governor for £25 which included VAT. The range was terrific, even one with black cats on the reels. I, daft as hell, settled on a Jubilee, at the same price, because it had light in it and lit up nice. JUBILEES too were the same price. Upstairs I was shown a very large long room full of vintage penny amusement machines nearly all touching each other. One of the blokes that worked for the firm had bought them all and filled the room. He talked silly prices at first to me but on my second visit he sold me three of them at £16-50p each, i.e. £15 plus £1-50 the newly introduced VAT rate.
I went home proudly with A Many Happy Returns Allwin, a really early halfpenny Oliver Whales allwin with lots of brass and one I was pushed into - a really clanky Win a Cig.
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Re: Why so many Jennings Governors....?

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Wow! Thanks for the update Tammy. Where was this location and can you get me one for £25?

And by the way, the Morris jokes show that there is much humour and merriment in a lockdown situation although I thought alcohol was supposed to be served? !PUZZLED!
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Re: Why so many Jennings Governors....?

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Hi Cheeky, yes lots of Jennings Governors at £25 each takes your pick... All you need is a time machine - have you got one? If you have, then quite a number of collectors on this site will be in touch with you now asking you if you would bring them some back... cash on delivery of course!!

Ps. If you have, you could buy all the unwanted allwins etc. Price after decimalisation in 1972, as they were reported to by sold for £4 each for Whales and Bryans allwins, as the amusement trade had lost interest.
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