Is it me?

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Is it me?

Post by geordy55 »

Is it me, or is there actually something rare about this machine? ... 764888907/
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Re: Is it me ?

Post by treefrog »

No idea, there are endless early US machines with big price tickets, you would need to search auction sites like Morphys for results.... very shiny :cool:
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Re: Is it me ?

Post by roger »

Suggest you check out Morphy auction at end of month.......Item # 1141
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Re: Is it me ?

Post by cait001 »

pretty much any Caille machine is hyper-coveted by American slot collectors. They are extremely ornate, very well built, and generally only in the richest of rich collections.

As was mentioned, the Morphy auction coming this month has 2 for sale ... 95576.aspx
$20k-$30k USD estimate ... 94185.aspx
$30k-$50k USD estimate

One sold in 2015 for $46k USD: ... yid=173079

a variant sold in 2017 for $96k USD: ... yid=269852

but most are in the range of $21k-$38k at auction.
You have to also factor in the buyer premium and taxes (and maybe shipping) on top of what the hammer price was.

All that said? $30k might actually be a reasonable cash+carry price on that machine.

But just look at the kind of premium items are in those auctions... ... 94158.aspx ... 94230.aspx ... 94362.aspx

That kind of money is a whole other world to me.
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Re: Is it me?

Post by arrgee »

And don't forget the buyers premium of 20% + 3% credit card fee !!! :shock:
not sure if there is an additional State Tax to pay on the top of that?
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