Nutt & Muddle & Son "Come fly with me"

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Nutt & Muddle & Son "Come fly with me"

Post by tercha »

Hi All
I have come into the possession of a Nutt & Muddle & son 10C "Come fly with me" slot machine,
Ser # 68078
Mechanically it seems fine. I put a coin in and pull the arm, it spins whirrs and clunks when it stops, but electronically it has problems. I was given a solenoid by the previous owner which "fell out" when the machine stopped working, and there are a few unconnected wires, see pic. I think this may be a red herring.....

Further investigation reveals water damage to the "top" "Payout counter" PCB with damaged components and detached wires. :(
Working on the theory I should fix the obvious stuff first, is there anywhere I can get either the PCB, a set of PCBs, or in contact with someone who refurbishes these?

I understand that these were manufactured in large quantities and I expect there will be many with mechanicals that don't work sitting about?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The machine is a great hit, even though it won't pay out!

Any wiring schematic or service manuals / drawings etc. would be greatly appreciated!

As I'm new, be gentle on me. I look forward to any help that can be offered!
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Re: Nutt & Muddle & Son "Come fly with me"

Post by coppinpr »

This machine is of a very late date for this forum. This does not mean we are not interested, but more that only a few of us have the experience (and I am not one).
The reason mechanical machines, although older, last longer is the obvious one. Early design electronic boards and many passing years are not a good combination. Add a dash of water damage and things start to look bad. My guess is this is a very late Nutt & Muddle machine. Uncle Len from Aristocrat hostile takeover of the company was most likely well underway and the company was struggling. I doubt that very many were made compared to Aristos of the time. So, if you get no replies, please don't think we are not interested. We are, but we might just not be able to help :!?!:
But you never know, one of us might just have the answer. !!IDEA!!
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Re: Nutt & Muddle & Son "Come fly with me"

Post by gameswat »

Hey Tercha, sadly you're in a world of hurt with this thing. They weren't made in large numbers as gambling has always been highly controlled in Australia. And the weak point of these is the early electronics that are now made of Unobtanium. Unless you can find a donor "working" machine - and in 40 years of being in the Aussie used coin-op industry I'm yet to see one, there is no hope. I know many other repairers who specialized in early electronics and none of them have ever had paperwork. I was told the factory deliberately destroyed everything they could ASAP. The mechanisms are built like tanks, so that would be worth spare parts to someone with an earlier rusted model. I'd say run away from the thing as quick as possible and instead buy an earlier, purely mechanical version! !!ESCAPE!!
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Re: Nutt & Muddle & Son "Come fly with me"

Post by tallstory »

Not sure if the brown marks on the PCB are just flux or heat damage. Get some IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and clean both sides - that should reveal the problem. If it is just flux then it might be worth replacing the broken tracks with wire links. If it is heat damage, it's probably not worth fixing. If you have a multimeter, you could check that the ICs are getting the correct voltages (R1 and D1 look as though they might have burnt out and some of the capacitors seem to have disintegrated.)

I agree that it's a modernish PCB, because the capacitors look like the tantalum type. That's good news, because they don't deteriorate as quickly as the old electrolytic ones. Also, it is more likely you can get replacement parts.

Give it a good clean and re-examine it.
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Re: Nutt & Muddle & Son "Come fly with me"

Post by geofflove »

Nothing to lose with trying to clean up the circuit boards. I would remove them and then get at the green corrosion with some steel wool or any other tools you need to get at it. You do need to make sure you don’t leave any traces of the wool after of course. Most of the components are cheap and readily replaceable if need be. Once cleaned, I would go with the above suggestion, and check voltages to chips etc are correct as a first step. The boards are actually simple enough that if you knew this was all that was stopping the machine working you could work draw out the circuit and make it up on veroboard. It would take a few hours of head scratching but could be done. Prob is I’d want to be sure that this was the missing link to motivate me to do it! Good luck!
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Re: Nutt & Muddle & Son "Come fly with me"

Post by tercha »

Thanks for the responses so far:)
I am happy to "Have a go" at rebuilding the PCB, however a couple of soldered on wires are detached :(
So....would anyone have a picture of a working board? just so I don't have to guess what goes where!

Thanks also for putting the pictures in the correct orientation!
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