1939 Evans Ten Strike

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Re: 1939 Evans Ten Strike

Post by arrgee »

Great machine, I have recollections of playing on one of these as a small boy and used to think that the aiming of the ball via turning the character was just amazing!
Fabulous boyhood memories.
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Re: 1939 Evans Ten Strike

Post by ddstoys »

Gorgeous machine. You must be very happy indeed.
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Re: 1939 Evans Ten Strike

Post by rneccano »

I've managed to get the scoring working correctly. Now for the cabinet to restore.
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Re: 1939 Evans Ten Strike

Post by watlingman »

What a fantastic looking machine. One of my favorite games and well done for jumping in. I had a similar experience importing a Bakers Races from Philadelphia. Not for the faint hearted with such a complex mechanism. If you get stuck on your restoration, contact Mike Hasanov in the USA. He's a top restorer and very helpful.
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