Top Tips for Newcomers

Advice and guidance on repair and restoration techniques.
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Re: FAQs Newcomers

Post by coppinpr »

A surprising number of newcomers are "not as young as they used to be". Bear in mind the weight of a one arm bandit when you collect it. These were built as safes to hold cash in a public place. They can be very heavy: a Sega Continental (the heaviest) must weigh 60kg. Take a trolley if possible; always remove the mech and cash tray and back door (if there is one) to carry the machine. (I bought three Continentals from a guy who lived above a shop and didn't know you could do this. He spoke with a very high pitched voice, I seem to remember). SkEpTiCaL
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Re: FAQs Newcomers

Post by badpenny »

This Forum has a section called Resources.

Apart from a fantastic amount of interesting stuff to read and look at it also contains a bundle of downloads including links to free manuals.

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Re: FAQs Newcomers

Post by jimmy55 »

coppinpr wrote:Bear in mind the weight of a one arm bandit when you collect it.
Similar with Pinballs... With my first purchase of a 70s machine, I assumed the backbox would be easy to remove (and was assured it was, by the vendor). They don't easily remove and fit in an MPV. I had to return with a mate and a Luton van. With my second purchase, seven of the eight bolts that hold the legs on came off a dream.... but the 8th made me wish I had taken the WD40 or Plusgas.
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Re: FAQs Newcomers

Post by treefrog »

Yes, I have almost bought way too much at the Coventry auction before now without checking it all fitted in the car..... Recommendation: buy a van. Still on my to do list.
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Re: Top Tips for Newcomers

Post by marktol »

Building on the 'take lots of pictures when taking things apart', I bagged and labelled the parts for each bit that I took apart, so I knew which screws/bolts went with what part! Made putting it all back together so much simpler than if I had just a pile of bits!
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Re: Top Tips for Newcomers

Post by andydotp »

John T. Peterson wrote:Treat all fellow collectors with courtesy and respect. Share information that you acquire with those coming behind you. The friendships you make are as important as the games you acquire. Those two: games and friends, will intersect far more often than you anticipate when you start in this fabulous hobby.
Who could put it better than that! Well said Sir. **xXx**
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Backflash tip

Post by martin »

To punch half inch win and lose holes in a new backflash, I used a 15mm olive from a plumber's compression gland and hit it with a hammer. It gave a neat result (see photo) and went straight through double thickness plastic lamination. !!IDEA!! I'm new to this, so I hope I'm not teaching my grandmother to suck eggs. I've saved the old, cracked, warped backflash to experiment on. I'll let you know the results.
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Re: Backflash tip

Post by raj »

mmm, I tried that with a proper punch & split the flash, :roll: however it was an old flash & maybe it had gone brittle. I would put clear tape front and back to reduce the risk. I now use a flat wood bit in a slow speed drill to cut, rather than punch through.
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Re: Top Tips for Newcomers

Post by marktol »

Another tip I've learnt the hard way a couple of times - if it's not broken, don't fix it! If you see something that's bent, it's probably for a reason, so don't think 'ah I will fix that while I'm here' and then wonder why the machine has stopped working properly and you struggle to adjust it back again....!
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Re: Top Tips for Newcomers

Post by classicgambler »

badpenny wrote:Do Not use grease, light oil should be used but never where coins travel or sit within the mechanism.
So when you say 'light oil', does that include '3 in 1 oil' or is that too light?
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