Using clear sticky vinyl inkjet paper

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Using clear sticky vinyl inkjet paper

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I've been using a lot of printable white vinyl paper from Snap paper Ltd. for the logos on the gumball machines I re-vamp. They sent me a couple of test sheets of their clear printable vinyl so I gave it a very quick test today and it's great and might be an alturnative to the exellent transfer system posted a short while ago.

I took a Pace company logo I prepared ages ago, flipped it over, printed it on the clear vinyl, cut it out to shape, peeled and stuck inside the glass showing out, masked it and sprayed the back matt white and it seems to work perfectly. Please forgive the poor photo and, as I say, this is a very quick first attempt. Next time I'd either mask better or hand paint the inside. I also found you have to let the print dry longer than most papers, especially as you're going to be pressing down on the ink area. The limitation is of course the paper size, but I think you could do a Sega light box this way with ease.
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