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Worn slide repair

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A friend asked me to take a look at his Jennings mech today. Every 2 win was paying 4, everything else was fine. The machine uses 5 identical 2 coin slides to pay winners. I found the second slide had the edge that fits against the the horizontal finger totally worn away. It was in fact releasing every time. This was only a problem on a 4 pay as on a loser the bottom slide stopped any coins paying out and on larger wins the second slide needs to release anyway.

A new slide is needed really but I thought I'd try something out as a temp repair.

I filed the worn area square and cut a tiny piece of ally to fit in the space. I then used the glue mentioned in another post that uses blue florescent light to make it set - says it sticks metal so I gave it a go. I must admit it stuck very hard but only time will tell if it lasts.
I moved the slide to the top of the stack so it gets less use and we shall see :!?!:
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