Decorative parts you can't find replacements for

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Decorative parts you can't find replacements for

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Hi, I had some issues finding a 1d nominator for one of my machines, so I found a fix (not for the purists). You can buy on line stuff to make a silicone mould. the silicone putty comes in two parts, each a different colour so you can see when it is mixed correctly the colour will be uniform. You then simply press your original into the putty and allow it to dry. It would be good to mention at this point that as long as you press it so any holes (screw or penny slots) are filled with the putty, you will be able to use them when you turn out the copy, but do not over fill them. When the putty is dry gently ease the original out of the mould and mix up some resin and hardener and pour it in. You must make sure you do not over fill the mould or you will lose the use of the holes. Drilling resin always in my experience leaves minute fractures. Leave to harden again and when dry turn out. Should it be necessary, it's possible to tidy up any rough edges with a scalpel. If you don't have an original of the part you need, I'm sure someone on this site would be able to lend you one? Pics below of an original and copy of the 1d nominator.
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