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New member, Space Flight Beromat

Postby bartleeto » Thu May 04, 2017 5:09 pm

Hello, just joined this website so introducing myself. I am 57 male living in Teignmouth, ex armed forces, like all things mechanical. Used to restore vintage motorcycles but it's all got a bit silly with stupid money now. Very much into 1950s and always wanted a fruit machine. Stayed away from electrical ones as not my area so happy to buy just mechanical. Took the plunge last week on fleabay and bought a Beromat, Space Flight for £187. Cabinet is toast, full of woodworm, active, and the Formica is bust. Supplied by Ruffler and Walker and reading some posts on this website it was the normal Germany export thing as wood underneath is nicely veneered etc. Mechanism is all there and accepting old pennies. Read about pot metal and saw it for myself in that the mech arm has sheared off at the end where the pawl is located. The guide above it has metal fatigue also. Can I fix this with metal epoxy? It's not something I can weld and is under a lot of stress so would epoxy do it or do I need a replacement? Still chuffed with it and it's so ugly it's cool. All the front castings are sound, reels will need re printing and obviously a new cabinet. It's going to be a wall queen but I do like things to work so any advise about mech arm would be appreciated. Feel free to comment on my purchase, insult me if you think I paid too much, wife hates it, but I hope to accumulate a couple more as I find them fascinating. Love the website and all the historical and nostalgic info. Tony

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