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Newbie says hello

Post by behzamal »

Just here to learn a bit from other members and generally have fun.
Oh, and just one question...
My question is - where can I get a Mills Violano restored in the UK, or at least Europe?
Many thanks!
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Re: Newbie says hello

Post by pennymachines »

:WELCOME: behzamal,

Probably your first point of contact for advice on restoring a Violano in the UK would be the The Musical Box Society of Great Britain

Last time I visited, the Musical Museum in Kew, Greater London, had one of these, but they don't advertise a restoration service. James Preddy maintains the collection at the Mechanical Music Museum at Northleach in the Cotswolds and advertises a service as The Music Box Restorer.
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Re: Newbie says hello

Post by coppinpr »

Welcome to the forum. A rare machine, can we see a photo? (we love photos). :cool:
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