Hi from Hampshire and looking for advice

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Hi from Hampshire and looking for advice

Post by keith-78 »

Hi Keith here from the New Forest, have just found this great site / forum and looking forward to learning lots from it.

I've always had a fascination with anything coin-operated (my parents banned me from the amusement arcade as a kid as I was becoming hooked) and in recent years have dabbled with a few machines and only electrocuted myself once.

Aside from my beloved jukebox (a Sound Leisure 'Entertainer' CD one with the twinkling lights in the door), I have discovered a real passion for mechanical one arm bandits - I just love the engineering behind the mechanism and the fact that they can run seemingly forever, with electricity only needed for the light bulbs.

I've adopted three machines within the last couple of years and hopefully have managed to upload a couple of pics below. The 'Carousel' one is my most recent arrival and after buying some missing bulbs and spending last night drilling a hole in the back to wire up a power lead I now have it lit up for the first time in I wonder how many years (the guy I bought it from had it in his garage for at least 30 years and never tried to get power to it).

As you can see there is one thing missing from this machine however which is a graphic (or 'decal' perhaps?) for the illuminated strip at the top. Could anyone possibly help / point me in the right direction of where I could get one? I'm assuming I would be looking for a generic Arcadian / Aristocrat one (is it an Arcadian or Aristocrat or both?) Please excuse my ignorance as I'm very much a newbie.

Any advice much appreciated,

Many thanks
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Re: Hi from Hampshire and looking for advice

Post by pennymachines »

Welcome to the site Keith and thanks for showing us your line-up of Aussie bandits.

The composite image below shows some of the Arcadian Carousel variants posted to this site over the years. It looks like there was a multicoloured graphic logo designed specifically for the Carousel and Carnival models (although a more standard one was also used). If you can't source one, you could make it. As you see, there was originally a light-up top-box, like the one on your other Arcadian.
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Re: Hi from Hampshire and looking for advice

Post by jpmhotpot »

Hi Keith. Nice machines. The middle machine is a bit of a mishmash put together. You have an Arcadian 65 cabinet and stainless steel front (which are great - no rust or pitting) with a later Arcadian Carrousel front flash and surround. This should have been the all in one Arcadian 65 belly unit (which are always cracked). The 65s did not come with top box, hence there will be no holes in the top cover. I do have the 65 parts you need.
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Re: Hi from Hampshire and looking for advice

Post by malcymal »

Welcome Keith. You will find like all of us, that your collection will grow and grow. Be prepared to clear space, loved ones, loft eaves, wherever to house your collection. I've scaled back to seven bandits and electro mechanical wall machines from a dozen. I still get the urge to buy something new and probably will this Xmas. I see you have a 10p Powells conversion so if you find the measly 1p stake of the Aristos is not filling up your money box, you can get your coin entry laser cut to take the new 20p coin. This still means you can return back to 1np. The higher wins will pay out 1 short, you will likely find this now with the newer 1p coins but the cash soon piles up on 20p. I exchanged last Xmas at bank and there was £210.00 in mine from 1 year of being in a private home. Enjoy and it will be interesting to see your new purchases appear on Pennymachines.
Regards Malc :cool:
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