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coppinpr wrote: Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:06 pm A pity to lose those reel strips, CC-314-G are from a Mills Extraordinary ,and sounds like the old mech is too, could I please have a photo of the old strips ,I make reel strips for people and dont have these symbols in my files. does your old award plate mirror the new one in payouts if not symbols (ie for 3 GA on the new read 3 BARS on the old)?
Yes certainly that's fine no problems to send you some photos over.
Thats very useful to know no doubt I will be looking to purchase some new strips and awards from you in the future if thats ok.
If it is an old mech and strips I will certainly leave it all intact no point breaking something up for spares in that case.
I'm not 100% sure as my old award plate was a non original token conversion so it had Bars, Melons, Bells, Oranges etc paying a 5' Token and other awards as Mystery Payouts apart from 1 x Cherry which paid 1' I will do a side by side comparison when I map the bands against the payout discs. Probably I am being a bit optimitsic that its straight substitute for the GA and Melons.
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