Hi from Suffolk

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Hi from Suffolk

Post by darcyp »

Once the owner of 15 slots purchased back in the '70s and '80, I now have only 2 left after deciding I was no longer interested in them. Of course I now regret the sale of what were some superb examples, so now I am on the lookout to replace some of the machines. At today's prices I think 15 will be out of the question!! All I have left now is a Payramid (778) and a Ruffler and Walker "What's my Line". My immediate quest is to replace a Bryans Bullion, Bryans Gapwin, a Caille Commercial and a Bryans Hidden Treasure, all on old penny.
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Re: Hi from Suffolk

Post by watlingman »

Hi and welcome. A lot of the type of machines you mentioned are coming up in Peter Wilson auction house on 18th July. There's a link to it on this site somewhere! Good luck
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Re: Hi from Suffolk

Post by coppinpr »

Hi, and welcome to the forum. The type of machines you seem to like are a mainstay on this forum. I'm a bandit man myself. Many of the machines you're after usually come up at the November Coventry sale this forum has a close connection to. Take a look at the previous results from this auction. :cool:
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Re: Hi from Suffolk

Post by treefrog »

Another collector in Suffolk !!THUMBSX2!!

As mentioned the Peter Wilson sale has a collector's collection up for grabs, including two Bullions and a Hidden Treasure...

Peter Wilson Sale: 18/07/19
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