How I acquired my one and only Slot Machine

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How I acquired my one and only Slot Machine

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Hi, my mother purchased a slot machine for my father for his 40th Birthday. That was 1972. My brother, sister and all our friends must have dropped more quarters in that one arm bandit then the money we would eventually drop in a Pac-Man machine at a later day! I remember one year we added a story onto our house and had a construction crew dropping quarters in our Sega Windsor at lunchtime for about 8 months straight! One time the jackpot didn’t payout in full and the construction worker argued with my father like he was a pitboss at a casino. My dad just told him, “you win some you lose some....aren’t you suppose to be working on my house anyway?” 🤣

Decades later, both my parents past and I ended up with the a slot machine in my house. I take good care of it; clean it from time to time and make small repairs. I have changed out a microswitch for the coin drop, a large resistor, a couple of springs and some bulbs. I only recently looked to fix some of the problems we had since 1972 and found this website to seek help. I will make a post in the forum later today with the issues I am having. One thing I did find out though is my graphics are unique; I can’t find one Windsor on the internet with the same graphics. The graphic theme on my Windsor is, “Go-Go Girl”.
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Re: How I acquired my one and only Slot Machine

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That’s a great story and a lovely looking machine. Like you, I have never seen the “Go Go Girl” themed Sega. Was the machine bought new in 1972? It certainly looks like it from your photos.
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