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New member - Beromat Bronx

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Hi all, thanks for allowing me to join. I inherited this Bronx machine when my grandma died 25 years ago. Until very recently it was set at free spin and never paid anything out, all springs were shot and several peices in the mechanism were damaged or missing.

Over recent weeks I decided to challenge myself to fix it up. My grandma was an avid fan of the 'slotties', so bought this in the early '80s from her cousin who worked on the arcades in Rhyl apparently. I remember it being at her house when I was a kid so it's quite special to me. I've given it a clean in the past but never dared tackle the mechanism.

From what I've found, on this forum mainly, it's a post-war German Beromat machine rehoused when imported into UK in the '60s.

Anyway, it needed a full strip down, clean and refurb. I've managed to fix it so it pays the correct money on winning lines, and now only works when coins (old 1d pennies) are inserted.

I couldn't find any manuals or instructions on line, just a few grainy photos of similar machines. Basically had to work it out myself, but very satisfying and I'm sure my Grandma would be chuffed.

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